How to create a short powerful Essay or Assignment

Mar 04, 2020

Short essays are very difficult to write, because shorter does not equal “more superficial.” Having a 1000 words essay to write may seems a blessing, but it is not necessarily easier than cracking out a5000 words piece. Here are some easy to follow hints to prepare a powerful short academic piece:

  • Keep in mind the structure of the essay is always the same: introduction, thesis, antithesis, confutation, conclusion;
  • Sources are essential as always, but of course, you are not required to stick 40 references in a two pages long piece. Supporting evidence should be kept to a minimum because your analysis is always more important. This is true also for longer essays, but when you have only a short amount of words,it is even more crucial;
  • Always introduce your thesis early in the piece, ideally in the first or second paragraph: you do not want your reader to find out what you talk about mid-paper!
  • When answering a specific essay question,go straight to the point;
  • Avoid long introductions and conclusions: the shorter the essay, the shorter the parts not dedicated to discussion and analysis;
  • Remember that a short essay is, in essence, the same as a long essay: it just needs to have all the characteristics condensed.

Talking about short essays gives us the opportunity to mention something students, especially undergraduates, fret about all the time: essay length. We all know lecturers like to giveaword range when it comes to the length of their assignments: 3000 to 3500, 1000 to1200 and so on and so forth. The vast majority of students believe that keeping on the higher side of it will give them higher marks: well, that is,quite simply, not always the case. Quality is more important that quantity, so a well structured, intelligent, well written 3000 words essay is much better than a 3500 words one filled with quotes and regurgitated information. Never forget it!

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