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Here at UK-Assignments we pride ourselves on providing the very best, professional essay writing services.

Let our professional, qualified writers take the stress out of assignment writing and do the work for you.

You'll be in good hands when you choose UK-Assignments to help with any of your writing requirements; demonstrated below by our satisfied, returning students' reviews.

Here are the key benefits our happy students have highlighted from using our writing services:

Supportive service from start to finish

Reliable and punctual

Very friendly service

Finished work of very high standard

100% confidentiality

Great communication every step of the way

Flexible and accommodating

Quick turnaround

It is the best company, I have ever been with. the quality of work is much appreciated and I will definitely recommend this for anyone who ask me.

Ahmad (NewCastle)

"This is one of the best, second to none researcher(s) & writer(s) anyone can count on. Quality Work & Fast Delivery. Extremely money for value".

Lucky A. (London)

Since our very first paper ordered about a year ago, my partner and I have been very pleased with this service. They are very helpful as English is not our first language, so we keep using them because our grades are consistently high and we are learning at the same time.
As returning clients, we have been given several good price reductions. Overall We are very happy using the service and also quality of the papers we received. Thank you very much, good job!

Joe26 (Manchester)

I've been struggling with my work for weeks and then finally decided to seek assistance, and it was the best thing that I have done. Within three days to my deadline, these writers have helped me organise my work, and I am extremely grateful. Thank you.

Paul (Manchester)

UK-Assignments helped me with my essay. It was delivered on time, completed to specification. The customer service was fantastic and it’s good worth of money. My only fault with them is that I paid for a 2:2 and received a 2:1.

Tweedy (Manchester)

UK-Assignments helped me to complete my work within 24 hours. I had an essay of 2500 words to write and did not know how to put it together. Although I knew what I wanted to be included in the essay, I did not know how to put the information in a logical way.

Thank you loads for your help.

Sarah (Manchester)

I was very impressed with this service. They provided me with the assistance that I needed. They have very good customer service and they have the best price that has ever been quoted to me. I will always use UK-Assignments.

Mark (Coventry)

The team is fantastic, the research help is extensive and the quality of work is second to none. Fantastic results are guaranteed with I looked for a really long time to find someone who really understood the complex modules I needed help with, and I found the best help I could only dream of, really fantastic, excellent quality work. The team are very helpful and understanding, very quick to meet deadlines with perfect grades at your reach. It is a very easy process to get used to and the rewards are mouth watering with guaranteed passing of your modules. I am grateful for your help and support during this period of need. I definitely will be back again. I would recommend to everyone I know, University or Higher Masters or PHD students. Wherever you are this company can reach you and will always deliver the best with a lot less cost. Am very happy, looking to graduate soon. Stress free. I just got a placement job. My life has changed. I am grateful for your help again and again. If you are like me, do access this company as soon as possible for help.


It’s very helpful and can be trust. Admin and writer are professional.

Nadnapha Jeampradeang

Great service! Really supported me through my essays I managed to receive the grades 66,68, 78 and 89 so happy thank you!! Would highly recommend.

Sophie Hudson

Thank you so much once again, for the excellent service from you guys, Great communication along every step of the way, my works always delivered ontime, Best choice ever! Thank you.

Sam Ade

Excellent Service, Very professional and very satisfying work. Essay was in good quality and took the customer feedback and amended it with out any extras. I would highly recommend them.

ss123 (London)

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